Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I'm a sustainability and social innovation strategist focused on solving complex global challenges using a triple bottom line approach - i.e., one that prioritizes social and environmental returns alongside financial returns. My life’s work can be summed up as: combining business + technology with community building to create a better world.

By day, I work for a VC-backed technology startup that is known as the “uber for trash” - our platform cost-effectively diverts waste away from landfills towards recycling/composting to reduce our customers’ environmental impact. Previously, as a consultant at a top management consulting firm, I helped Fortune 500 companies incorporate sustainability into their business strategy to realize cost savings, increase supply chain resilience, uncover revenue opportunities and reduce their carbon footprint.

On nights and weekends, I nurture my own social venture, The Guild, a residential accelerator designed to help changemakers launch and scale their ventures while living a more intentional and sustainable life.

I'm also a strong gender and racial equality advocate both in and outside of the workplace, and have worked on several diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Before entering the "real world", I spent 4 wonderful years in Austin, TX earning a dual degree in Finance and Economics at UT (hook 'em!). During my time in college, I studied + researched abroad, conducting research on the socioeconomic impact of the e-waste trade in China and India, and on the social impact of microfinance with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. I'm originally from Mumbai, India, where I spent the first half of my life before moving to Singapore for high school, and eventually to Austin > Houston > San Francisco > Atlanta.

Looking to the future, I’m passionate about creating a more inclusive global economy that is sustainable and equitable for everyone.