Systems entrepreneur at the intersection of finance, climate action & racial justice


I'm working towards building the next economy — one that centers social justice, equity and sustainability.


My life’s work can be summed up as combining the power of business with community organizing to create a just, equitable and sustainable world.

I’m the founder and CEO of The Guild, a social enterprise focused on building community wealth through alternative real estate development models and entrepreneurship programming for marginalized communities. I’m also the owner and Principal of Whole Systems Collective, an impact consulting firm working towards a just and regenerative economy through two key initiatives — the transformation of our financial and economic systems to advance social change, and climate action through carbon drawdown and responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Previously, as a sustainability consultant at a top management consulting firm, I helped my clients unlock ~$1B worth of value from renewable energy, water stewardship, and emissions reduction opportunities. Then, as a product manager at an environmental tech startup, I built software to allow companies to uncover waste diversion opportunities within their supply chain and operations. Before entering the "real world", I spent 4 wonderful years earning a dual degree in Finance and Economics at The University of Texas at Austin (hook 'em!). During my time in college, I conducted research on the socioeconomic impact of the e-waste trade in China and India, and on the social impact of microfinance with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. I'm originally from Mumbai, India, where I spent the first half of my life before moving to Singapore for high school, and eventually to Austin > Houston > San Francisco > Atlanta, where I currently live.